Thursday, February 2, 2017

Poshmark Review!

I found this amazing site called Poshmark for gently used goods mostly clothes and some are new with or without tags!

This site is my everything right now!!! If you haven't been to Poshmark go ahead and ruin your life by going and you will be hooked. There are countless brands and countless sellers who all want to buy and sell some goodies.

I highly recommend checking this out if you are a shopaholic like me and want to try and keep the spending down to a minimum for a bit.

They have an offer button that helps alot if a seller has it a bit overpriced and sometimes you can get them to come down or wait for them to do a sale or drop the price to try and sell it. But be careful things go VERY fast and people don't waste time snagging up goodies you like.

Now out of all my purchases I've only had one bad experience. I bought a very cute pair of leggings and the seller didn't respond for 3-7 days and I had to get my money back since she didn't ship or, well anything! So look at the last time they were active on the item you are going for.

So enjoy some shoppin fun! It's a great website and you can find awesome gems on it.

Hopefully my lil shoppin secret helps someone out there!

Have a wonderful day and good vibes till next time~

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