Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nastygal Haul~

So for fourth of July in 2016 I thought I'd take advantage of some of the deals going on, and wasted a couple bucks on! Here's what I got.
(Lil bit of a throw back Thursday since I've had this post brewing since July haha!)

Boys Club Sweater. I had been staring at this for quite sometime now, and finally decided to buy it! It was 20 bucks which was still a bit high, but cheaper than it was going to be any other time (Especially since it sold out). It's a beautiful pull over sweater and it feels like a dream. Probably my favorite buy from this lil mini haul. The color is gorgeous in person and if you can find a knit sweater like this, I definitely recommend grabbing one.

Lillian Crop Sweater. I had seen this for 48 dollars but once the sale went on it went to 8 BUCKS, it's so cute and for the price, I mean how could you not. Now I got the large because it was sold out in every other size. I'm pretty happy I got the large because it fits like a T-shirt would length wise this way. It's very soft, will keep me warm when it does get a bit colder and was definitely worth the 8 dolla dolla bills.

Nancelle Oversized Cardigan. So this cardigan was $58 dollars originally and went on sale for $13! So I snagged it up. So this purchase I'm not too happy about. It for one is HUGE. I had to again order the large because it was sold out. But everything about this cardigan is just not right. It smelled horrid when I opened the package, like old feet mixed with wool. Now I wouldn't imagine one step up from a medium fitting so horribly... length and width wise. Also the image on the site looks nothing like what I received. The color doesn't even look grey on the front portion of the cardigan. Now for a positive note it would be warm, but I can't see getting this and keeping it because, A. It smells horrid and B. It doesn't look ANYTHING like what it's suppose to. I wouldn't buy anything from this brand again.

Wilde Hearts Eyes on You Knit Cardigan. Now this was originally 101 dollars which is outrageous for a cardigan. It went on sale for 24 dollars so my first instinct was to bounce around and add it to the other miscellaneous things in my cart. So I'll start off by saying I got this in a medium, and it's still huge. I expect most things to be long on me but not baggy. This is on the long end of the spectrum. Regardless of length it's soft, adorable, and warm. It's what I wanted it to be. Just not for my height, which is not the garments fault but mine for not checking the length of said garment. I would recommend this to just about anyone. It's a really cute cardigan and was worth the sale price!

Sorry this was a bit late! I procrastinated like no ones business...

I hope everyone has a great weekend. As always good vibes till next time!

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