Thursday, February 16, 2017

TBT Birthday Bash~ Clarins Reviews! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

So my Birthday ran up like sonic the hedgehog. It came, it went, and I thought I'd share some of the things I got from last year (Especially since I've had a chance to use all of the products for quite sometime now hehe)! Thanks to a VIP voucher I got from Gilt, It helped me save a lot of money on higher end products and got me a few extra goodies!

The first product I'm going to talk about is the Gel eye contour. It would be amazing for anyone with allergies. It makes my under eyes feel hydrated and goes on beautifully. It does take a min to absorb in if you use too much. So little bit goes a long way with this product. The only two things bad I can say about it is the fact that the size is small for the price, and the fact that it doesn't seem to help dark circles at least in my case. I highly recommend this if you have allergies, it will cool your under eyes to help them feel better and if you have tight dry under eye skin, It'll hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes.

The next product I went for is the Multi Active Day Cream. I like the texture and it goes on gorgeously. It's a light pinky color and It doesn't have a strong aroma which I like. I don't have bad skin just yet other than acne and a few scars. I have noticed a difference in texture, my skin is very smooth after applying this. Shockingly I use this before bed, like the nutter butter I am hehe. I have noticed when I wake up my skin feels like silk and it's addicting. I will be buying this again soon I am almost out uguu! You can also purchase this with SPF, but I didn't because i'm a silly goose. ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ

This next one is the Hydra Quench Cream Mask. Now I don't have dry skin, but I thought this would be interesting to try out when I do ruin my skin with benzoyl peroxide (Which will dry your skin ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ ). I didn't see a huge difference with this product but I've only gotten to use it twice. I like how it applied very smooth and as the name entails creamy. I left It on for 10 mins and It says to wipe off with their toning lotion. Gilts VIP voucher got me some extra goodies which I'm grateful for because it came with the Chamomile toning lotion to remove the mask with. It did hydrate my skin but I'll keep using it once a month and come back to you guys with a more accurate review on this product.

Next is the Gentle Foaming Cleanser. I really like this for daily use, it foams up great and a little bit goes along way. It's not drying, it doesn't irritate my skin, and doesn't have a harsh smell to it. I can see myself purchasing this once I run out. I really do like the consistency of it and how it works with my skin type which is oily/combination and prone to acne.  I haven't seen a breakout yet using this which is also a huge plus.

Now this one is one of my FAVORITES out of the goodies I got, It's the Super restorative remodeling serum. I am IN LOVE with this product. It comes out a soft pink color, it's a liquid consistency, and you have to apply it pretty quick because once it hits your skin it it'll start to absorb quicker than most products so just massage it in and you'll be 👌. It will feel a lil sticky at first but once you've let it settle in, you will be able to see the difference in about two or three days (At least I did! hehe). I will definitely be getting the big size of this and to tell you the truth the size I got is pretty big I was pleasantly shocked when I saw it. Definitely try this one out if you need a good anti aging serum.
(I ended up finding this for a STEAL on poshmark and nabbed a full size bottle hehe.)

Now the Super Restorative Night cream I could live with or without. It's nice to have so many products in my routine but not all of them seem necessary. This product I could probably replace the multi active cream with, but I like the multi active cream better, consistency wise and how it applies. I know this Is for night time and the other is for day but I feel like If It's for fighting fine lines then I should be able to apply It any time of the day, especially If you have insomnia like myself uguu. So this one I won't necessarily recommend, but it does moisturize your skin and the scent is a bit stronger than the multi active day cream but not in a bad way.

The Lotion tonique Toning lotion also came with what I got. It's ok I've never been really into toners but this one is one of the better ones I've actually used. It doesn't burn my skin or make me not want to apply it. The chamomile must be why it works better for my sensitive skin. So if you do have sensitive skin and want a calmer toner this ones pretty good. This is mainly to soften your skin so that may also be why it doesn't burn or do what the other toners do. This did help soften my skin and I can see a little bit of excess dead skin come off when I used it, so it's not to shabby.

Last but definitely not least is another product that is going to be a definite BUY. It's the Lotus Oil. This stuff is awesome. I really love how it applies, as you can tell by the name it is an Oil. It's a nice yellow color and smells lovely. I apply one drop of this and the sample I got is VERY small. I've used it for 7 days now and I still have half the sample left which is amazing for how small it is, but a little bit goes a very long way. I use it after I've applied the arsenal of products I have onto my skin to kind of seal everything in I guess he-he. I really do love this stuff, it applies great, it makes my skin feel amazing, and I don't break out when using it which is 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend this stuff it is pricey but investing in something that will last you awhile is always a good idea if it works for your skin.
(I also ended up nabbing this stuff in a full size on poshmark for little to nothing as well!)

I also was able to receive two samples, the Vital light serum and the Super restorative total eye concentrate.

(Both products pictured)

For the Vital light serum I don't know if it helped my dark spots and the sample is very small, but it comes out exactly like a serum (Duh) and again dries very quickly. I apply a small amount on my cheeks where I have acne scars and hyperpigmentation. After all the products I've used this past year my skin has looked better so I can't attest anything to this product especially since I've only used it for a solid week. Do you need this product? Not really but if you'd like to try it, it's not that bad and maybe with more time could possibly work. For me I'll pass and go for the other products I love.
(After using all the product I didn't really notice a dramatic effect on any scars.)

The Super restorative total eye concentrate is a creamier product and it applies really well. It says to go from your eye to temple which I did. I like to use this before the Gel eye contour I got and it does seem to have helped my under eyes. My eyes were becoming dry probably from lack of sleep and never using anything but Living libations on my skin and as you know Living libations is very expensive so I didn't have a full skin care routine (◞‸◟). I can see myself purchasing this in the future. I do love this with the eye gel as you can tell I'm a loony bin and stack products around weirdly hehe. I'm not gonna commit myself to this product since all it does is moisturize. I really want to help my dark circles so I'll be keeping my eye out for some other products that might be able to help also so stay tuned!

Whew this was a very long post! Sorry for my late posts, life has been a bit hectic had a new job, medical emergencies within the family and had some guests over and was just immersing myself in the moments to share with friends and family!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day! Good vibes, until next time. Have this cotton candy sky, tee hee. (°ヮ°)~

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nastygal Haul~

So for fourth of July in 2016 I thought I'd take advantage of some of the deals going on, and wasted a couple bucks on! Here's what I got.
(Lil bit of a throw back Thursday since I've had this post brewing since July haha!)

Boys Club Sweater. I had been staring at this for quite sometime now, and finally decided to buy it! It was 20 bucks which was still a bit high, but cheaper than it was going to be any other time (Especially since it sold out). It's a beautiful pull over sweater and it feels like a dream. Probably my favorite buy from this lil mini haul. The color is gorgeous in person and if you can find a knit sweater like this, I definitely recommend grabbing one.

Lillian Crop Sweater. I had seen this for 48 dollars but once the sale went on it went to 8 BUCKS, it's so cute and for the price, I mean how could you not. Now I got the large because it was sold out in every other size. I'm pretty happy I got the large because it fits like a T-shirt would length wise this way. It's very soft, will keep me warm when it does get a bit colder and was definitely worth the 8 dolla dolla bills.

Nancelle Oversized Cardigan. So this cardigan was $58 dollars originally and went on sale for $13! So I snagged it up. So this purchase I'm not too happy about. It for one is HUGE. I had to again order the large because it was sold out. But everything about this cardigan is just not right. It smelled horrid when I opened the package, like old feet mixed with wool. Now I wouldn't imagine one step up from a medium fitting so horribly... length and width wise. Also the image on the site looks nothing like what I received. The color doesn't even look grey on the front portion of the cardigan. Now for a positive note it would be warm, but I can't see getting this and keeping it because, A. It smells horrid and B. It doesn't look ANYTHING like what it's suppose to. I wouldn't buy anything from this brand again.

Wilde Hearts Eyes on You Knit Cardigan. Now this was originally 101 dollars which is outrageous for a cardigan. It went on sale for 24 dollars so my first instinct was to bounce around and add it to the other miscellaneous things in my cart. So I'll start off by saying I got this in a medium, and it's still huge. I expect most things to be long on me but not baggy. This is on the long end of the spectrum. Regardless of length it's soft, adorable, and warm. It's what I wanted it to be. Just not for my height, which is not the garments fault but mine for not checking the length of said garment. I would recommend this to just about anyone. It's a really cute cardigan and was worth the sale price!

Sorry this was a bit late! I procrastinated like no ones business...

I hope everyone has a great weekend. As always good vibes till next time!

Poshmark Review!

I found this amazing site called Poshmark for gently used goods mostly clothes and some are new with or without tags!

This site is my everything right now!!! If you haven't been to Poshmark go ahead and ruin your life by going and you will be hooked. There are countless brands and countless sellers who all want to buy and sell some goodies.

I highly recommend checking this out if you are a shopaholic like me and want to try and keep the spending down to a minimum for a bit.

They have an offer button that helps alot if a seller has it a bit overpriced and sometimes you can get them to come down or wait for them to do a sale or drop the price to try and sell it. But be careful things go VERY fast and people don't waste time snagging up goodies you like.

Now out of all my purchases I've only had one bad experience. I bought a very cute pair of leggings and the seller didn't respond for 3-7 days and I had to get my money back since she didn't ship or, well anything! So look at the last time they were active on the item you are going for.

So enjoy some shoppin fun! It's a great website and you can find awesome gems on it.

Hopefully my lil shoppin secret helps someone out there!

Have a wonderful day and good vibes till next time~