Monday, May 23, 2016

First pair of Timberlands! ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ

So I splurged and got myself a pair of Timberland's. I've always wanted a pair and have seen myself in a variety of colors and styles. I decided to go with a navy pair with suede trim and a cool silky lining that folds down.

They have a great construction, you can tell they will last you along time if you take care of them. I opted for a size 7 instead of my normal 6.5 because well.. they didn't have my size! But not to fret because they fit just fine, I'll be able to wear thicker socks with these which is a plus! Some days you just haven't done laundry and the only thing left are your not so cute bulky socks, ya know.

I'll say they are true to size, the 6.5 would of been preferred but I'm a crazy lil lady so if you are going to buy a pair go for your size, unless you'd like the extra toe room if you have wider feet that's a whole other ball game, they do feel and look narrow, and I don't feel like they would be great for wider feet, but I don't have wide feet so I can't really tell ya!

Now you can tell these are shoes you are going to have to break in. Since they are constructed out of leather and a bit sturdier than say your running shoes or fashion boots. Also keeping them clean seems like it will take some TLC (Tender Love & Care) you'll have to buy a suede or leather cleaner depending on what style you get. Now if you are like me and even if you try your hardest seem to scrape and scuff your shoes no matter what, I'm hoping because they are higher quality shoes that my clumsiness won't matter and they will stay relatively scuff free for awhile!

Do I recommend Timberlands? Sure why not! If it's a shoe you have seen and want go for it, As long as you are happy with your purchase! They are a bit stiff so if you don't like having to break shoes in I'd say skip out on the Timbs for awhile.

I hope you all have a great day! ⊂(◉‿◉)つ
As always, good vibes till next time!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sweet Sweat Review!

I was on Groupon the other day and stumbled across Sweet sweat for a great price, so I thought why not!

Sweet sweat is a fat loss promoter through preserving body heat and stimulating water loss. It helps improve circulation and also makes ya sweat!

Now this is my first time using a product like this and it came with a belt also by sweet sweat and some pills that I probably won't be taking because they seem sketchy (They are Garcinia Cambogia pills).

My first impression when using it was WOW WEE I wish I knew about this stuff sooner! It makes you release A LOT of water weight and helps you definitely feel the burn when you do cardio. I can say using this twice now I will continue to buy this for my cardio days. If you hold water weight or happen to splurge on some bad food and want to get back on track with your gains this is the stuff to reach for.
(Note: This is all from just the belt and product I don't sweat like this EVER on my abdomen.)

This is not like a corset and isn't intended to be! So please don't think this is like corset training or the trainers all the celebs and Instagram models show off. This isn't to restrict your breathing or try to shape your waist, this is to help keep heat in the area you apply the cream to and make sure your body is heating up those hard to get areas. Because well, it's a sweat band!

Now do I feel like this will be great for overall weight loss? Yes, it will help keep water weight down because, as you know water weight is temporary weight loss. Now hopefully with more use I can update you guys on how well it helps to tone your body and help hard to reach areas say like inner thighs your back and well anywhere you want to apply this really.

As for now it's a great way to lose water weight quickly, if you really want to sweat you got to put the work in! You still need to be doing cardio or some form of exercise that gets your heart rate up. This will just aid in how much sweat you see and feel compared to just normal exercise.

I hope this review was of some use to you!

As always good vibes until next time!