Thursday, December 17, 2015

Update/Hair Stuffles!~ ^ↀᴥↀ^

Sorry for the lack of updates, Life has been a bit crazy. I hope to get more things done and stop procrastinating so much (Fingers crossed hehe). So I thought I'd leave you guys with a few new hair care products I've purchased from Anunaturals!
(I won't be able to direct link to each product sadly (; ˃ᆺ˂))

This was my hair after using the products listed below! I also twist the hair after applying products to get a more defined look and to help combat frizz. If you want more definition I highly recommend twisting the curls especially if you are going out. (Click here to see how to twist your hair.) 

Vanilla Cupuacu Daily Hair Lotion

Now this one is my favorite out of all of the things I got. It smells like candy and is a thicker consistency, which I prefer for my hair. It's easy to comb or finger through your hair. It gives you nice moisture without weighing it down and of course you smell like a gum drop which is all the more reason to try this stuff!

Murumuru Leave in conditioner

This stuff is amazing and It smells extraordinary. As you know I am all about the sweet stuff (๑→‿ฺ←๑) so when I popped this bad boy open and rubbed it in my hair I was in heaven. This product is watery but can change in consistency due to the hand made nature of the products. Mine happened to be watery. Which I didn't mind, other than the slight mess of trying to get it into my hair without it slipping out of my hand and onto the floor. Other than that it's great stuff and I recommend it for my curly haired gals.

Mint Butter

Now this product I could do with or without. I like it don't get me wrong. It has a medium consistency not too watery not too thick. It has a nice minty smell, as you might guess from the name hehe. But it didn't feel like I needed it as much as the other two products. Maybe had I not already had a leave in conditioner and a lotion It could of had more use. But it was nice to have a tingly cool sensation on my scalp from time to time, but unless you have a really dry scalp or need that extra moisture for your hair I'd say skip out on this one (Or better yet try the Cupuacu butter so you can smell like a candy factory. ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ )

So that's all for me! I'll probably show some my gift's and share in the merriment that is the holidays! Thank you for having patience with me being soooo slow to update.
~As always have a wonderful Holiday/Amazing week! Good vibes until next time.~