Monday, July 13, 2015

Discount Shopping! Sorta...~

So, I'm not the savviest person in the world, but I do shop way too much online and would like to share some of my favorite websites to snag a decent deal on!!

My favorite site for clothes is usually Asos! You can find just about any style or brand on Asos, and for a reasonable price most of the time! You can also shop for your spouse, friend, anyone and everyone! They have almost every brand even high end, which means when things FINALLY go on sale you can nab some higher end goodies for a good price! If they don't sell out that is. (★ゝω・)b⌒☆

My second favorite site is Gilt! I think most people know about Gilt but if you don't.. SHAME!!! It's the BEST website for ANYTHING. You can find things for parents to be, home decor, bath essentials, desinger bags&shoes, and even food deals. If you haven't already go make a Gilt account, you won't regret it. Even if you don't buy anything, you'll have fun seeing all the insane things that pop up everyday.

My third site is going to be Myhabit. Myhabit is just like Gilt, deals everyday dealing with women's, men's, home, and even food deals! Myhabit uses your amazon sign in as well, which makes it so easy to sign in and use. So many gorgeous items and a lot of good sales. Just like Gilt you can get awesome deals depending on the sales for that day! Definitely check out Myhabit!

The last site I will leave you with is Tobi. Tobi is a site I've just recently discovered. The sales are ridiculous, things ranging from $1 to $117. Now obviously the $117 is out of the question, but what I do is set it to Lowest to Highest price. I'll stop looking when I reach a certain number, say $40-50 dollars. It makes finding a deal quick and having a price point will help you from staring at the expensive items and knowing when to close the site when you've reached your budget point. There are some gorgeous items for dirt cheap, $1 accessories and $10 tops. What more could you ask for?

I hope you find this helpful and find some amazing deals! Always remember outlet stores are great, but be careful! Some items are made specifically for the outlets and are cheaper quality. Also check the sale racks at Macy's, Dillard's, Nordstrom, Nordstromrack, and Bloomingdale's. For they can also be your best friend.

As always, Positive vibes! Till next time.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Curly Hair products!

What's up everyone! I'm back to go over a few products I've loved for my curly hair and some I've absolutely hated for my hair as well.

First and foremost, everyone's hair will like something different! Just because one product doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it can't work for you! So always experiment with what works best for YOU.

At $20-24, Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner has a lot of product coming in at 33 ounces! It's a leave in for pretty much every hair type. It claims to put a protective coat on your hair and moisturize as well. From what I've experienced with this product, it will leave your hair crunchy and smelling pretty good, but doesn't put any moisture into your hair. I liked it because for one you can get a big bottle of this stuff for the same price you'd pay for a tiny amount in another brand. Secondly while it does make your hair crunchy, I live in a humid place, so having a little hold in my hair helps with frizz. This will always be a go to if I can't find other products or want to spend a certain amount, it lasts a LONG time even with me plopping half the bottle into my palm.

At $20 the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner is pretty pricey and you don't get a whole lot of product. It's 10 ounces for almost the same price as the 33 ounce Paul Mitchell. It's a creamier product that goes into the hair well. It's been better than the Paul Mitchell as the product doesn't crunch up my hair as bad, which is pretty great considering I have no clue what i'm suppose to do with this wild mane I have on the top of my head. I don't know if I can tell you to go out and buy this product, for it's VERY expensive for such a small amount. But if you have shorter hair I can see how it wouldn't be as bad. My hair when wet is down to my bum, so I need a decent amount of product and it needs to be a good size bottle, so I don't run out in two weeks.

At around $10-14 the Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil hair serum isn't all it says to be. This wasn't the best oil I've ever tried nor the worst. It made my scalp itch a bit when I first used it, which was strange. I don't feel like it really helped moisturize my scalp, help my hair grow, or strengthen it for that matter.

At about $12 the Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil lotion was another product I picked up. Now first things first the smell is pretty good, it's like artificial vanilla. It's a cream sort of like Mixed chicks and like mixed chicks it's not bad but not amazing either. I like this a bit more than the mixed chicks. I'd say nab this before trying the mixed chicks. This is 8 oz compared to Mixed chicks 10 oz. So it's a better buy and around the same consistency, the Shea moisture is just a little more watery.

 Coming in at $43 is the Moroccan Oil treatment. This is probably the best product I've ever used in my hair. If you need some moisture to your scalp & hair this is great stuff. It is a bit greasy, but I don't mind because for one it's an oil, and another; it smells great, and leaves my scalp and hair moisturized with a nice shine!

Also I recommend Moroccan styling cream! This stuff is awesome. It is a bit expensive about 33 bucks for the bigger size. It has a nice consistency, smells lovely, and goes in the hair well. For 10.3 oz it's an ok size, I wish these products were a bit cheaper because I'd buy them all the time if I could afford to.

 Kinky Curly Knot Today comes in at $10-13 depending where you buy it. It's a very strange product. It's like a clear gel but doesn't apply like one. I don't think it helps with de-tangling, at least not in my case. It also leaves the top of my hair crunchy if I do apply it all over. If I focus it in the mid section of my hair to the tips it leaves my hair soft and smelling pretty good. The smell is also strange it's almost lemony but not overpowering by any means. It's not that bad and it does make my hair a little bit smoother.

I also tried the Miss Jessies curly pudding and it's horrible... It's also $22 for 8 oz which is just a giant rip off. I don't know what else to say. It was horrible to put into my hair, it provided me with 0 benefits and felt cakey on every part of my hair. I got this as a gift from an old co-worker of mine she also gave me a few samples from Miss Jessies, but after trying this and two other samples, I just didn't bother with anything else in the bag... I don't recommend any of the Miss Jessie products.

 At $9 Luster's Pink Oil Lotion. My mom used this in my hair when I was a kid and I continued to use it up until I was around 19 years old. It's not a bad product at all! Now it did weigh my hair down, but it was never crunchy or dry! I just repurchased this and it's just like old times. Not the best but not the worst by all means. If you need a go to you can find all of the time, I do suggest trying this!

At $15 is the Fekkai Essential Shea Conditioner. It's one of the best conditioners I've ever used. It left my hair so soft and manageable for once I was in utter disbelief when I first tried it! My friend Amber sent me a sample of it, and I was hooked. It smells almost like bubble gum, and feels amazing in your hair. I HIGHLY recommend this. Especially if you haven't tried it out yet!

The Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Hair Conditioner is also a product my friend Amber sent me! It is also amazing! Either one of these conditioners is going to be lovely. I favor this one a bit more, on account that it did help with my frizz especially with it being summer time! Definitely try this one out, you won't regret it.

$16 Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap. This is another product you'll hear everyone talking about. I just picked this up and, it's pretty good. I don't really care much for the peppermint scent after you've washed it out of your hair. It leaves a weird after smell that i'm not too fond. All in all it's a decent cleanser. It leaves my hair a bit weird feeling, but I think i'll just use mainly on my scalp! For the price it's not bad, seeing as you get a ton of product. A little goes a LONG way. You only need a small amount and it will lather up like crazy. I recommend this for when you have a lot of build up in your hair and need to cleanse well.

Last  but not least is the Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. Now I've heard a lot about this product from a lot of curly haired girls on youtube. I'll start off by saying THE SMELL IS AMAZING!!!! I smelled the Blueberry scent as well and it to is lovely. Now it's a jelly like consistency not quite like gel but close. I used it to smooth down new growth and some frizzier parts of my hair. And I have to say for being almost like a gel, my hair isn't crunchy at all. I think this is a good product if you are looking for a decent amount of control for certain areas. Now it doesn't keep your hair where you want all day like a gel does, but it does keep them managed and soft!

So that's about it for now! I hope this has helped any of you curly haired ladies out there and hope you can find some products that work well for you as well. Also if you have any product suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Until next time. Positive vibes everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Living Libations Rose Cellular Renewal Firming Fluid review

Hello! I'm back to tell you about a great product from Living Libations!

I've been using the Rose Cellular Renewal Firming Fluid for about two weeks now, and it's made my face feel softer and helped when I get acne flare ups. It's calmed the redness from the acne flare ups and general skin irritation that I get with having sensitive skin.  It absorbs VERY quickly into the skin which is amazing, because most products I've tried don't absorb well. It smells very earthy, you get a lot of the frankincense and rose -- which, at first, I didn't like; but after two or three uses I started to enjoy the scent. When you apply this fluid your skin is going to DRINK it up! You will be shocked at how fast it goes straight into your skin. It does sometimes feel a bit sticky; not horribly so, but you can feel it just a tad.

I use it every night after cleansing my face. Depending on how my skin is, I will use either the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or Neutrogena complete acne therapy system Cleanser. Both of these cleansers are a bit drying for me and I'm still on the hunt for a great cleanser, but I digress. After washing my face I apply around two pumps to my face and neck area, I tried one pump but I felt like it wasn't enough product.

I don't see a huge improvement in any of my acne scars, but hopefully with more use I will! I do, however, FEEL the difference in my skin texture. It's smoother than before and doesn't feel as oily after I apply this. Also I've seen a huge improvement in my pore size around my nose! That to me is already a winner winner chicken dinner.

So if you're wondering about trying something new, like I did, this is a good product to try out! Depending on what you are looking for, and what benefits you want out of a product. Also, I'd like to say when it arrived at my mailbox it was very well packaged! Included is a protective cap on the pump of the bottle so none accidentally spills out on it's way to you!

It contains - Organic fresh aloe vera, rose hips; jojoba herbal infusions: calendula, comfrey, grapefruit, roses, horsetail, rosehips; cell revitalizing essences of: Frankincense, immortelle, seabuckthorn, rose otto, schizandra berry, geranium, roses over geranium, ylang, neroli, grapefruit, carrot, lemon, tansy, tea tree; sage, rosemary antioxidants

I'm looking forward to trying more products from Living Libations! I will definitely do more reviews when I have another chance to splurge!

As always, have a lovely day & Positive vibes for now!